Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Nicole OPI Do Good Feel Good Swatch

Good Evening Everyone

I hope you all managed to get some sun over the weekend, and maybe a bit of a tan! :o)

I wanted to show you a colour that at first I wasn't keen on swatching purely because I didn't think it would rival Dior Tutu 155. Did it rival? Well...no, not really, but it was very lovely and a colour I will definitely wear again.

Nicole OPI Do Good Feel Good is a light pale pink, it's a three coater if you want it opaque, which of course I do. I don't act well with semi opaque colours, they annoy me because I don't want to see my nail underneath. If I change one day, and I do eventually fall in love with a sheer colour I will definitely let you know. But...honestly...you're not missing much!

As you can see in the bottle it doesn't look "all that", but look at the next photo!
Nicole OPI Do Good Feel Good

Three coats later, this is what happened. Isn't it lovely!?
(Nicole OPI Do Good Feel Good - no flash natural light)

I know!? Who would have thought!
Now, compared to OPI the formula feels different with not such great coverage, and I find after trying a few Nicole polishes that they all seem to be the same.
(Nicole OPI Do Good Feel Good, no flash natural light.)

I also wanted to show you the photo in indoor lighting with no flash as it is still very pretty.

I like this colour, but I wouldn't buy another, I will use it again, but not enough to warrant another bottle.
This colour is available from Superdrug at £7.99 and is in the 3 for 2 at the moment, bargain!

This colour is low on pigment so wont stain when removed and it removed really lovely, no messy sticky fingers trying to get this off. It would look fabulous on a bride or the little black dress with maybe a stripe of bold colour, gorgeous! Nicole OPI Do Good Feel Good isn't everyone's taste, but I would say it would suit all skin tones. 

So, what do you think?

Love Lola xx


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    1. I think so too, it looks like it should be soft when you touch it! :)


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