Monday, 17 June 2013

China Glaze Aquadelic Swatch

Hi Pinkies

Now...I just wanted to do another China Glaze swatch to show that although the neons send me nuts it's not a bad brand, it was just those terrible neons. I wanted to show you another one of my loans, which I think is utterly beautiful, China Glaze Aquadelic. China Glaze Aquadelic is a mint slash aqua creme green/blue. I used three thin coats of Aquadelic to make sure I had the coverage I wanted, as China Glaze can be a little on the watery side.

China Glaze Aquadelic is one of the most beautiful mint's I have seen in a while, and actually a very flattering colour on. It would go with most skin tones as it isn't a horribly cold colour, it has some warmth to it.
I tend not to get on very well with the China Glaze brushes. I find they are too long and don't fan at all so you end up with an uneven finish, especially if you have long nails like mine, it takes some coverage to get it all, China Glaze is the only one that has let me down in that department.

So here it is the beautiful China Glaze Aquadelic, sunlight with flash as my sun wasn't direct this day :o(

China Glaze Aquadelic natural sunlight no flash

As you can see you would never know the finish was uneven with a top coat, a top coat fixes most things!

China Glaze Aquadelic

China Glaze Aquadelic 

All in all I love this colour and will more than likely buy this myself and add it to my collection. You should get a couple of days from this polish, sadly China Glaze just don't last unless you are me and get obsessive you could probably get a decent week from it.

Remember don't use your nails for anything, not to pick a label off, not to open anything and especially not in hot water. Treat your nails like precious stones and they will reward you by staying strong, long and healthy.
Never give up, you will get nice nails in the end you just have to look after them!

So what do we think?

Love Lola xx


  1. Beautiful color!! I think mint shades are the best!

    1. I definitely have a new respect for mint as a colour, it's just so beautiful on!!

  2. my oh my don't you have lovely nails! it's unfortaunte the brushes on china glaze are so flimsy as this really is a lovely colour xx

    1. Awww thank's Victoria, they are hard dedication but it all pays off in the end :o)

      Yeah flimsy is definitely a good word to describe the China Glaze brush. xx


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