Thursday, 30 May 2013

Essie Cute As A Button Swatch

Good Evening Everyone! :o)

Another miserable day outside, but I want to keep it all sunshine on my nails and what better colour than Essie Cute As A Button. Essie Cute as a Button is your total summer colour, it's right on trend and looks almost orange/pink neon in some lights. When I look at it I like it, when I see it out the corner of my eye I love it, it's eye catching and happy.

This Essie was from Superdrug, kindly donated for a swatch on LolaNailedIt, (Thank you my special friend), so it had a flat brush. It made application a little easier but it was only a little step above a Dior Brush, and a step below an OPI brush.

Essie Cute as a Button is a orange pink coral creme, it does take a few coats, either 4 thin coats or 3 thicker coats.
I would say it is maybe a little more orange than this photo, but this is pretty close! 
Essie Cute as a Button in natural light.

One thing I am really pleased about is gone is the time that corals were only seen on a more mature lady. Corals are now worn by all ages in clothing and nails, and so it should be, just because your Nan wears it, what is to say that you can't, your Nan actually has very good taste if she is! Power to the corals...and the Nannas that wear it!!!
Essie Cute as a Button in shade with flash.

I do like this colour but I wont buy it myself, I have a lot of corals already like this, it's nothing new to the coral world and slightly annoying that it takes so many coats. I'm very thankful that I have been able to swatch the colour, and I think I would like to see if any of my Nubar corals match it as they have better coverage.

I have one Nubar coral that I am in love with so I will swatch that for you shortly.

I hope you all have a lovely evening.

Love Lola xx


  1. i really like this colour! i was debating on buying it as i have one that is similar!

    1. Hey again :o) I would say if you have one similar don't get it, but then again if you are like me and need 50 different variants of one colour then yeah go for it! :)


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