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SpaRitual Calm & Clear with Graduated Glitter - Pic Heavy

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By now you may have gathered that I am a SpaRitual fan, and so I thought I would get out one of my favourites, SpaRitual Calm & Clear from the 'Meditate Spring Collection'. The Meditate Collection is fused with bamboo silk which, according to university studies, claims to absorb water and oil preventing liquid penetrating the nail causing them to become brittle and thin. Like I said, you all should be wearing rubber gloves while washing up, this really does help prevent peeling, snapping and splitting.

Before I start going on like I'm your mum lets get back to the colour!
SpaRitual Calm & Clear is a really delicate, beautiful dusty pink, I would go as far as to call it a jelly type polish with a natural shine finish. It is a perfect base for a bit of a different french mani or for your glitter layering like I have done below. Calm & Clear took three coats to become opaque, but it had a quick drying time so it didn't seem too much of a hindrance  You may find that some of the SpaRitual varnish's are a little like that, but you get such a fantastic finish it's worth it.

SpaRitual Calm & Clear with no top coat and no flash, see that natural shine?

I have used three colours, the base obviously is Calm & Clear, the gold type glitter/polish is SpaRitual Cassiterite from the Metal Collection is the first graduated glitter. I actually really loved the look of the Cassiterite over the Calm & Clear as it gave it an antique look, so it would be 100% perfect on its own if you don't like too much glitter.
I then used SpaRitual Survivor which is a special edition pink glitter which was brought out to support breast cancer, it comes with a really cute awareness charm.

This photo shows it a little more pink than in real life, but you can see the glitter graduation really well in this photo, please excuse the little paper cut on my ring finger :o/ oops!

A couple more photos showing the glitter graduation.

I have also included a couple of photos of Calm & Clear and the bottle of the glitters so you can get the full impact of these beauties.
These are the colours used, left to right you have Cassiterite, Calm & Clear and Survivor. 

SpaRitual Cassiterite, this is what I used as the base glitter, isn't it beautiful?
Cassiterite looks very gold here but placed over the pink it gets a slight tarnished silver type colour, hence the antique look, which I will try next time with another colour.

SpaRitual Survivor, this is the glitter used over the top of Cassiterite, there are two sizes of glitter in this polish, a small pink shimmery glitz and a larger round pink glitter

I hope you love this look as much as I do, it's delicate but different and something that would be perfect in a bridal collection.
The great thing about using these glitters together means that there is less chunky glitter to remove which half's your removal time. I will definitely do this graduation again, and I think it would work with many colours as a base, so I'm very please with my end result.

A quick overview of how to achieve this look...
1, Three coats of Calm & Clear
2, Starting at the tip, pull the Cassiterite up towards the middle of the nail using very little varnish on your brush.
3, Starting again at the tip pull a small amount of Survivor up towards the middle of the nail.
et voila!

I hope you enjoyed this review, please do give graduated glitter a go, you get better the more you do it.

Love Lola xx

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