Monday, 6 May 2013

Jacava Candy Floss with Triangle Tip Nail Art

Hey guys,

I'm a great believer that before you take your old varnish off, that you should try play about with it a little. Although I did this for the concert, I do tend to have a go at something new before I change my colours.

I'm wearing Jacava Candy Floss swatched the other day, and on the tip I have used my beloved Twilight Black Tie. Twilight Black Tie has great coverage and could easily be a one coater if you a little on the short for time side. I have also used a China Glaze glitter but sadly this one is long passed but I can't help but love it and use it, there are loads of glitters out there just like it, I'm on a mission to find an exact match!

Jacava Candy Floss & Twilight Black Tie

 I painted my nails as normal, but waited until the next day to start.
I started by cutting a triangle out of matte sellotape, I use matte because the paint doesn't run off or smudge onto the nail from it. I then placed this on the tip of the nails, using the Twilight Black Tie I painted it over the tip of the Jacava Candy Floss. It only took one coat and worked first time.
My best tip would be to use a clean piece for every nail, that way you prevent smudging and get a clean line every time.
With the glitter I painted it straight onto the nail with out the sellotape as glitter is easily controlled. 

I peel the sellotape off straight away to prevent any pulling on the tip colour, it is easily corrected if you make a mistake as your previous polish is already dry and hardened.

Jacava Candy Floss & Twilight Black Tie

I love this look, it was easy quick and has now lasted over a week. I used Seche Vite Top Coat, I did two layers of this, one with the Jacava on its own then another coat once the Black Tie was on top. They look almost gel like which is, in my opinion, a nice look. I'm not a natural look nail girl, I quite like the gel look, but without all the gel obviously.

I hope you like it, let me know what you think :)

Love Lola xx

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