Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Kardashian / Khroma Cherry Blossom Honey Swatch

Good Evening Pinkies

As some of you may know The Kardashian's have brought out a make-up and varnish range called Khroma, which they also refer to as Kardashian.
I have managed to get a hold of the Khroma Cherry Blossom Honey colour and I really wanted to share this with because I was pleasantly surprised.

Kardashian varnish is free of toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, and DBP which is a plus. It has a great self levelling formula which had pretty good coverage. Being a celeb brand I really did think it would be pretty poor quality, I am happy to say that I have been proven totally wrong.

Khroma Cherry Blossom Honey

Kardashian/Khroma Cherry Blossom Honey was opaque in 2 coats, it had a flat brush which was maybe slightly on the stiff side so you may get a few bristle marks. As I said above it is a self levelling formula, so that turned out not to be an issue. Although I do think this as a sign of a cheap brush, I'm really not bothered as long as my finish is how I want it! Plus it went on really nicely with not too much to clean up after.

Khroma Cherry Blossom Honey Natural Light

Over all I'm rather impressed with the Kardashian polish, and yeah I may even buy some more!

I have had 6 non-chip days while wearing this varnish which is great. I would recommend this to anyone, even those first time painters because the brush is a great shape and size.

What are your thoughts?

Love Lola xx


  1. this is such a lovely pink colour!

    1. Isnt it!? Im still wearing it and I love it, I really didnt want to but its a good polish xx

  2. Stunning Pink!

    1. It really is it looks fantastic on!! X


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