Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Lancome 171B Lovered Swatch with Car Nail Art

Good Evening all :o)

I wanted to share with you another Lancome colour, this one is called Lovered, bit odd I know, but lovely all the same. Lancome Lovered 171B is a stunning, almost pillar box, red. It was opaque in two coats which I love as reds can be a little washy if you aren't careful.

Lancome have the most amazing brush, I would say it is bordering on better than OPI and now that is saying something. It could just be that the Lancome brush really suits my nail shape and so I prefer it. A brush is very personal and so everyone's opinions will vary. I would say never to disregard a brand because a blogger says the brush is bad (including myself haha), have a look for yourself, it could be that for you the brush works. I always see if someone I know has the brand I'm curious about, doesn't matter if the colour isn't you just give it a go.

I had a little play with this one as the red reminded me of my car, no my car is not red it is black but the R on it is exactly the same red. With this in mind, and anyone that knows me will know I LOVE my car, maybe unhealthly so, but I just couldn't resist. got it...I painted my car on my nail and did the Honda badge. I wanted to do the R but I didn't think it would turn out good enough against the red.

I'll start with the colour itself, Lancome Lovered 171B. I apologise for these photo's, for some reason my camera didn't want to focus on the red nails, just the bottle.

Lancome Lovered 171B

Lancome Lovered 171B

Lancome Lovered 171B, with no direct sunlight or flash, it certainly isn't this dark naturally, you can see the coverage well in this photo in just two coats.

Now for my tiny little Civic. I have a Honda Civic Type R and I love her, I hope you can tell what it is haha.
I like using two nails put together as it adds something fun to it, does look a bit odd if someone isn't sure why you have a black splodge on your thumb nail. For my first go I don't think it's half bad, I had the most annoying brush unfortunately, so I will be investing in decent ones.

To do this, I used black and white varnish rather than acrylic as I find it easier to work with, but acrylic will work just as well. I used a small brush and basically had a very steady hand. Now I know how to do it I will try harder next time to get it 100% perfect.
 Believe it or not the Honda badge was harder than the car!!!

Lancome varnish can wear quickly, especially colours like the reds and glitter bases, but if you give it another top coat a day after your mani you will get 2 more days from it than usual.

I hope you liked this weeks post, I certainly love this post and will try some more art soon.

Love Lola xx


  1. You have a great blog, and now I'm following you, I hope for reciprocity)

  2. Such a pretty red! I'm loving that car design! :)

  3. a fantastic red. Lancome never fail!! cute design too :)

  4. beautiful color :)

  5. the colour is amazing!


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