Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Jessica Iridescent Eye Swatch

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Although the colour that I am swatching today has been out for quite a while, little less than a year, I just can't resist blogging Jessica Iridescent Eye, it is from the Peacock Queen Collection. Every time I open my nail case Iridescent Eye sings to me, my eyes goes straight to it and I long to wear it. Now to get that reaction over a nail colour is unhealthy, I imagine it has a technical name for my problem haha, but as you will see from the below photos it's so worth the obsession. 

Jessica Iridescent Eye came out in 2012, with a huge reaction of it being a dupe of Chanel Peridot. Do I agree!? Absolutely, of course it is a dupe, why wouldn't a company jump on that fashion band wagon when Chanel have created a colour so loved and so beautiful. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with that, Chanel isn't a long lasting polish anyway. I would rather Jessica 100% any day over a designer label, and everything in fashion is copied, that's part of it all.

Back to Iridescent Eye, this colour is a major duo chrome with larger particles in it compared to others similar. Initially it has a copper flash to it, but as your nail curves down at the side you see the beautiful green and blue. When ever I wear this I get really lovely compliments, people describing it like being flashed at as the colour flips. Now lets see the photos.

Jessica Iridescent Eye with flash, you can see the chrome particles really well in this photo, but this doesn't bother me in the slightest. This is very much how it looks in real life, a great representation.

Jessica Iridescent Eye without flash, this is where you see the smoother look to the polish, but when the light catches it, it is identical to the above photo. I have to apologise for my thumb nail, it had a little split in it (my own silly fault for letting them get too long) and had to file it out.

Another great colour show of Iridescent Eye, here you can really see that green tone down the sides.

Iridescent Eye without the flash 

I really wanted to try and catch the green and blue in Iridescent Eye but this is the best I could do without getting mad at my camera.

Jessica polish is 3 Free and is packed full of goodness for your nails, so used along with one of their treatments your on the right path. Jessica varnish is, for me, a fabulous, unbeatable varnish. It lasts me over two weeks with care taken and is perfect for nails that are weak or bend easily. One of the reasons this varnish is so great is that it has a patented flexi formula, so it will bend with your nail, not crack and peel, and this is how my nails used to be. After using several Jessica treatments and polish I now have the nails you see today, a big thank you to Jessica you lovely, magic woman you!!

This colour is easy to remove but when painting it may be a little harder to get it all even due to the shimmer, but practice makes perfect and it's all worth the effort. I have worn this colour roughly 4-5 times, the only advice I can give is that re-tip/paint your nail tip with your top coat every other or 3rd day, this way it will stop wear. If you want to make it really last on your 3-4 day give the nails a complete fresh top coat, it will look brand new again and make it last even longer.

Iridescent Eye is available from a couple of websites, but I got this from for £8.30, the shipping was free. They have all three colours from the Peacock Queen Collection which are all gorgeous.

What do you think, is it something you would wear?

Love Lola xx


  1. This is so pretty, I love duo chromes! ♥

    1. Hi ChrissyAi, thank you for commenting :)

      Me too, I still have it on and I can't stop looking at it! I wish there were more as pretty as this one!


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