Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Essie Avenue Maintain Swatch

Hey everyone

On my doorstep today arrived a very exciting colour by Essie, this will be my first Essie purchase, I know I know, what a disgrace! Anyway...I chose two colours, Essie Avenue Maintain and Essie Bonding With Whoever from the Essie Madison Ave-hue Spring 2013 Collection. 
Essie Avenue Maintain is described as Parisian Blue, in my opinion it is a beautifully warm blue creme, and yes it does scream chic. This would be a really lovely colour to wear with pinks or orange, and if you are lucky enough to have blue eyes it will bring them out beautifully if you flash them around your face :o)

Essie has recently changed their brushes to a flat brush, I was not lucky enough to receive one of the newer versions from feelunique, but I'm not overly fussed, I liked the colour either way.
This colour would be perfect for a slightly lazy painter that is happy with one coat. It has such great pigmentation and coverage that one coat was enough, but me being me, I had to have two coats before I was happy. As always the below imagery has Essie Avenue Maintain with a top coat, the varnish doesnt have an incredible shine but more to the point, if you have slight ridges they will be seen through this polish.

Essie Avenue Maintain from the Essie Madison Ave-hue Spring 2013 Collection

I also wanted to show you Avenue Maintain with no flash, in life it is more vivid than this colour but I think it shows the colour is very wearable no matter what the lighting.

The formula to this polish is odd, it is quite runny which really confuses me as it has such good coverage, but hey, it's doing the job so I'll get over it.
As it is so pigmented clean up can take a little doing, although that could be me slapping it on and around the nail like I'm bathing in it, so my apologies I was quite tired doing this swatch :o/ lesson learnt! Damn you Avenue Maintain for being so tempting when I'm tired!!!

A couple more images from different lighting, all stunning...

I really love this image, it's almost as if the colour is superimposed on it's that pretty!

I hope you like the colour as much as I do, I would to turn the blue haters round with this colour as its a nice safe first blue. I'm glad I have this added to my collection, would I buy it again? Maybe not as you couldn't wear this as much as your old faithful pink, but it has ultimately won my heart.

Until tomorrow pinkies :o)

Love Lola xx


  1. This color is so intense! Really could be a one-coater, I've been getting compliments all day! :)

    1. Aww I'm so pleased someone else likes this colour, it looks amazing on the nail doesn't it!? x


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