Friday, 19 April 2013

Dior Cherie Bow Tutu 155 Varnish/Vernis Swatch

Well here comes swatch number one, obviously it had to be something special, and so this is what I chose. Dior's Cherie Bow Collection had a colour that screamed spring to me, and lets face it spring needs some help this year. I wouldn't usually buy light pink, but against my skin tone it looked a good match, and I have been told to brighten up my nail wardrobe, it does look a bit dark I have to confess.

The bottle as always screams elegant  but I can't say the same for the formulation of this colour, it was anything but. I felt clumsy applying this colour, its slightly on the runny side so coverage was blotchy. I would say that me having very curved nails didn't help, if you have a flatter nail you will apply this a lot easier than I did. 
I got away with some nails having 3 coats, the others needed 4. Not great, but I think you will agree the end colour is almost worth the effort. You end up with this gorgeous off baby pink colour, it's not in your face but it will get noticed, trust me!

Dior Tutu taken with natural light and flash, this is when I look at it, really look at it, and see a very striking and easy wearing colour. I'm olive skinned and this is perfect, it has a warmth to it that will suit all skin tones.

Dior Tutu taken in artificial light without flash.

Taken in artificial light with flash.

This image I feel gives the best representation of colour, a beautiful slightly lighter than baby pink colour.

It's a stunning colour that will go with everything and would look super elegant in an office or function easily, it isn't 'little girl' in the slightest. took on average 4 coats and it was on the runny side so tending not to coat evenly, was a little sloppy. I brought this from one of my favourite sites mainly because of free delivery without a minimum spend, and they hold the whole range of colour in Dior Vernis, its bad enough that this varnish is £18 without paying postage, so that is a plus for me. Dior varnish generally will last me a week and still look very presentable, but it all depends if you look after your varnished nails.

Would I buy the colour again (I have a habit of buying two of the colours I like)? No, probably not. That doesn't go to say that all Dior Varnish is like this, but this one certainly is hard work.

Would I return it if I could? No, I wouldn't, I really like this colour and I think its a beautiful addition to my collection of colour and my little Dior collection which I will share with you shortly.

Dior Tutu Vernis 155...Nailed It!

Love Lola xx

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