Thursday, 16 May 2013

Jessica 747 Sophia True Blue Swatch

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I know I did a Jessica swatch yesterday, but I had been leant Jessica Sophia True Blue from the 'Jessica It's a Girl Thing' collection by a special little friend who didn't care about my long nails taking up her varnish. Jessica Sophia True Blue is such an amazing colour I don't really know where to begin. 

I have olive skin which tends to not suit greys, yellows and blues unless they have a warmth to them, and although this doesn't seem to have a warmth to it, it has something very special in it that makes it look like you could swim in the colour. As soon as I started applying this colour I fell for it, so much so it is on my WANT IT list. 
Jessica Sophia True Blue has a very slight shimmer in it, and when I say slight I really mean it. You can't see it initially, but when you turn the colour to the light, there it is, all glitzing away at you! Because of this, it gives the blue a depth to it that a blue of similar colour wouldn't have, I can't recommend this colour enough to those of you who doubt the colour blue on nails.

Jessica Sophia True Blue with flash, you can just see the hint of a shimmer, but in no way is this a difficult formula to paint with because it wont leave and uneven streaks.

I know some have said the formula is thick, but I didn't find it was thick or difficult to apply. It was also really easy to remove if you got a little on a cuticle, that is always a bonus as most shimmery colours leave a shimmery mess behind. The entire Jessica It's a Girl Thing Collection has the same shimmer so all with have that special depth.

Jessica Sophia True Blue in good flash and light.

This image gives a good representation of colour although in the shade it looks a little darker but just as beautiful.

You can see the shimmer well in this and the above photo, but if you look at the pinkie and ring finger in the below photo this is how it looks most of the time, you wouldn't know it had a shimmer.  

I have had this on for two whole days, not one chip and only a very little wear patch on the tip of my index finger where I am typing all day long. Other than that the colour is easy to remove lasts just as long as any other Jessica polish and was opaque after two coats which at the moment seems to be a rarity. You will find that Jessica colours wont need many coats, they seem to have better coverage, but you do pay for that extra quality as well as it being nice to your nails.

You can get this on a few sites, a few are listed below...
Feelunique £8.50
Beauty flash shop £8.75
Salonskincare £9.75

What do you think, should I get it to add to my ever growing collection?

Love Lola xx

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