Wednesday, 12 June 2013

China Glaze Sun Of A Peach Swatch - Sunsational Collection

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I thought I would get my second appalling purchase out of the way, so today I am showing you a swatch of China Glaze Sun Of A Peach. Again, the formulation is just the most annoying I have ever used, here is my previous post which will explain a lot of what I think of these fabulously awful neons.

I only have a couple of photos of this colour, the finished colour was nice, but not worth the stupidity of application, again that poor stranger got the brunt of my rant again with this formula. I have read a post about these that say they are a great formula. I have to disagree, there are so many neons out there that offer better coverage, fantastic finish and none of this watery nothingness formula. As for the sheers in this collection I actually don't know why China Glaze even bothered, the sheer's aren't worth the glass they are stored in.

I mean come on, really, who wants a polish that is still sheer in 4 coats and looks like you have gammy blue nails, no one that's who. What did they do, shove some colour in some bottles and say "Yeah that will do, these fools buy anything!" I say no, do not conform, refuse China Glaze Sunsational!

Anyway, back on track here are my photo's of China Glaze Sun Of A Peach.

China Glaze Sun Of A Peach (natural light)

China Glaze Sun Of A Peach (natural light) sadly the sun wasn't impressed by this colour also and said he wasn't coming out until I took this tripe off my nails. Half way through painting this colour on I actually had to take a breather, sought out my boyfriend and told him how ridiculous this was, shaking my hand full of neon at him, sounding like a mad banshee. The reaction? "Umm...sorry?" No, no, not sorry, not sorry at all, bloody silly man, what the hell was he apologising for!? "On behalf of China Glaze a company I know nothing about, I am sincerely sorry for your poor purchase"

Over all another terrible formula, I wont be buying any more and I'm so very sorry for all the people I may have offended with the Sunsational posts, I just can't hide my thought's.

This colour had a heavy coat of Seche Vite and needed it. This is the colour with three coats, the last coat I did a little on the thick side to try and hide the noticeable bald patches, but with Seche Vite, yes it's full of nasties, but it had hidden all of the lumps and bumps due to the impractical formula.

This colour dries matte as many neons will, so if you want that gloss give it a super shiny top coat.

Again, apologies to those of you who love these, but please do look into Jessica's neons!

Love Lola xx

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