Sunday, 19 May 2013

Dior Gloss Spring Ball 343 Swatch

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Although the weather is miserable today it doesn't mean that our digits need to be also! 
When I bought Dior Gloss Diablotine, which I swatched not too long ago, I also brought Dior Gloss Spring Ball. Dior Spring Ball is an absolutely gorgeous light pink coral colour. A perfect summer addition to every nail collection. 

Welcome to Dior Addict Gloss Spring Ball Vernis!
I find it a real shame that the silver lid is not apart of the brush, but this is how it looks without the Dior lid.
This is the brush that many love from Dior

I'm not the biggest fan of Dior polish, the brush isn't suited to the shape of my nails and I find the formula, especially in the Gloss Collection, is difficult to apply due it's gloopy consistency. thing you cannot deny that it is worth all the hassle, just look at this colour, its enough to melt any 'I hate coral' hearts!
This colour has a slight glitz to it, which you can see below, it's like it has tiny glass particles, but it is actually a tiny silver glitter. I think this tiny glitter is what makes this polish on the gloopy side.

Dior Gloss Spring Ball in natural light with flash.

The Dior Addict Gloss Collection contains four colours Spring Ball, Diablotine, Delice and Princess. All of which are available at the moment, but Dior do have a habit of discontinuing colours before you get a chance to discover them.
All these photos have been taken with a top coat of my trusted Seche Vite, which I think is needed as it can be a little matte due to the glitter.

Dior Gloss Spring Ball with and without flash.

I hope you agree that this colour is worth the hassle as it will take a little bit to remove because of the small glitter particles, so I would recommend wrapping them in varnish remover soaked cotton pads for a few moments. This will help stop the cotton pads being torn apart while removing the polish.

Would I buy this polish again? No probably not but I'm glad I have at least one bottle of it.

What do you think?

Love Lola xx

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