Friday, 3 May 2013

Jacava Candy Floss Varnish Swatch

Hi there,

I'm sorry it's been a few days since my last post, but I had a trip away to see Beyonce LIVE and the O2, and have only just got back!! Beyonce was incredible and really very humble, nothing lacked on that stage, she has amazing stage presence and the atmosphere was great.

Anyway...less about Queen B, and more about nails!

This week, as I was going away I wanted something a little different and special. I recently brought into the brand Jacava, it states to be 8 free, which includes; Formaldehyde, Camphor, DBP, Toluene, Animal Ingredients, Collophane, Parabens, Phthalates. 

I was awaiting the right feeling and opportunity, and obviously the correct blackness of clothing...haha, just kidding! I think I do have to get out of the black now though, spring is here!
I chose two colours from their current range, Candy Floss and Cappuccino Cream. I wanted to show you the Candy Floss first as it's a little more summery, but the Cappuccino is my favourite.

The varnish has fantastic cover, I was pleasantly surprised and loved that, had I not been a perfectionist, I could have gotten away with one coat. Obviously, I had to do two, and here is the result.

Jacava Candy Floss with Natural Light, the sun came out especially for this one.

 Candy Floss is not as it states, it is more pink than it looks in the photos but is a deeper candy pink, nothing floss about it. I would say it is a muted bright pink, but has depth. The elongated handle makes this polish super easy to hold and use, I think I personally paint a lot easier with a longer handle. What I didn't like is that the top look a little cheap compared to the elegant bottle, but anyway, it's a lid, who cares as long as it feels nice. 
The brush is firm and slightly longer than I am used to, but as it is slim it did a great job getting down into the nooks and crannies of my nails. I will show you one day but my nails are half moon shape and it can be difficult to get down the sides without getting it on my skin with certain brushes, not naming any names...DIOR!!

Jacava Candy Floss.

Over all I really liked Jacava as a polish, although the finished polish is a little on the soft side and wear a little quickly.

I still have this on, at the moment it has nail art on which I will show you shortly, but this does mean that it has 2 layers of top coat. It's hasn't chipped at all in 6 days and I'm still loving it! It removed from around my nail very easily so I have no worries about taking this off.

Would I buy it again, hell yeah, I'd quite like the entire collection to be honest, but I will post up Cappuccino Cream very soon for you all. So what do you think? Yay or Nay?

Jacava Candy Floss...Nailed It!

Love Lola xx


  1. Love it! Love your blog too! Jacava is soooo beautiful, I'm going to order candy floss and I really like the look of Raspberry bavarois (funky name!)

    1. Thank you very much, that's really nice of you to say, and you are my first person to leave a comment, so thank you :o)

      Jacava is beautiful, one I think that will do really well and one I can't recommend enough. Raspberry Bavarois does look lovely doesn't it!? Maybe that can be my next Jacava purchase, I'm too easily influenced. You hope you love Candy Floss as much as I do! :o)


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