Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Nail Art From The Garden Centre!?

Hey Ladies!

Yes, you read it correctly, I found nail art at my local garden centre the other day. I had to tell you about it because I think I stood there looking at it a bit like "Really!? In a garden centre?" Yes Lolly Lola nail art in the TOY section, how strange! Maybe your other question is "What were you doing in the toy section?", I was just looking, you never know what you will find in funny places and this is proof, so don't knock it haha!

So...it may be a little on the lame side, I haven't actually tried any of it yet so I have no idea, but I'm so easily influenced that I just had to pick it up. They were all really cheap so if it turns out they aren't great then it's fine, no love lost.

Let's get down to what I picked up, I had to limit myself as I would have come home with a bag full, and I can always go back.
I came out with...
2x Packets of Striping Tape, 10 various colours
1x Pack of foam type nail decorations (Cat, Bird, Ladybird & Butterfly) - my fav!
1x Pack of little gems (Hearts, Stars, Flowers & Circles)
1x 8 Pack of Nail Art Brushes, which to be fair didn't look too bad, and it came with a dotting tool, which I don't have, I have been using a hair pin, so that will be fun.

I'm thinking before I take off my Positive Vibe I may try something from one of these out, what do you think? And...if anyone has any idea what I would use the fan brush for I am totally open to suggestions as I'm tempted to use it to tickle my feet, I'm that lost with it! 

Have you ever found odd nail goodies in strange places?

Love Lola xx


  1. Do you know any other places I can find nail art tools? I have searched and searched but I can't find them! I am trying to avoid the internet ;)

  2. my manucurist was using the fan brush to brush the powder when doing acrylic nails. An idea for u...


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