Monday, 13 May 2013

SpaRitual Positive Vibe Polish Swatch - Pic Heavy

A little while ago I swatched SpaRitual Positive Vibe along with the SpaRitual Emerald City, both of which absolutely striking colours. I wanted to show you the full effect of the SpaRitual Positive Vibe, so have decided to dedicate a post all to the one colour as I think this is a servilely underestimated colour.

Positive Vibe is from the Reflect Collection, it is what I would call, a Mustard Yellow. It's classy and in my opinion, would go with everything. Its a flexible colour easy to mix and match if you wanted to do a single feature nail. I love Jessica's Iridescent Eye as my feature nail on Positive Vibe, it is a stunning duo chrome with a copper tone. I'll swatch it for you shortly but it has been out a while now, but continued to win my heart.

If you haven't read about SpaRitual before, it has a rubberised patented handle which makes it so easy to use. It comes in a really lovely almost ornate, heavy glass bottle, nice to hold although maybe a little too round to hold and paint if you don't place your bottles down.

I also wanted to show you a photo of the brush as it is slightly shorter than some brushes but makes application easier!

SpaRitual Positive Vibe with flash indoors, it really is mustard isn't it!?

SpaRitual Positive Vibe without flash indoors. This is a very realistic view on what it looks like indoors.

A few more images of the varnish, I tried to catch it in as many light variants as possible, but I think you can tell I love this colour!

  This really is a beautiful colour in the sun and without any today this is the closest I could get!

SpaRitual polishes always go one really well for me, and even if I do accidentally heavily apply the first coat I never have a problem with the finish. It has a natural shine but as always I really can't recommend a top coat enough. I use Seche Vite but if you didn't want to use something as potent as Seche Vite any top coat is a bonus.

SpaRitual polish removes very easily, this polish in particular I think could be heavily pigmented so if not used with a base coat could end up with staining. Unfortunately mine are constantly stained due to my constant polish obsession! 

If you look after this polish on your nails you could get a really good week out of it. I can get two out of it easy with my top coat application later in the week. As always if you look after it and wrap the polish over the tip of the nail and under the free edge your guaranteed to have it a few days longer.

So what do you think, is it something you would wear?

SpaRitual Positive Vibe is available from the below websites...

Love Lola xx

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