Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Dior Addict Gloss 643 Diablotine Varnish Swatch

I thought I would show you my latest purchase from Dior, Diablotine 643. Diablotine is a really beautiful coral red with what almost looks like glass flecks rather than glitter, but it is definitely a fine gold glitter. As you may be able to see it can be quite opaque, but this is after three coats, so a little disappointing there, but doesn't take away from the fact that it's a beautiful colour. I find the Addict Gloss range on the gloopy side, you can easily over load the brush. With the combination of the highly pigmented red in this varnish it can make a clean up job very tedious spreading red all over the place, so a little is sat in my cuticles which will annoy me until I take it all off!!

I'm not sure why I do this to myself, I'm not really a fan of their brush, I find the brush just doesn't do its job for me. I know others just love their brush, but give me a SpaRitual brush any day, if it wasn't curved it would be perfect. Combine this brush with a formula that is not easy to work and you have a varnish ready made to hate, but as you can see the colour you end up loving and hating it all at once.

Dior Diablotine Artificial Light

Dior Diablotine Natural Light with Flash, this is a very true account of the colour, an elegant coral red.

Both of these photos are taken with Seche Vite on as it has a texture to the varnish due to the glitter. I also use a base ridge filler, as you may be able to tell on my middle nail my nails are very ridged, but along with a filler, 3 coats and a top coat this comes out really gel like if you like that look.
You should get a fair 4-5 days from this varnish, glitter varnishes tend to wear and chip less in my experience, just remember to look after them. 

Had I tried this before buying I'm not sure if I would have brought it, I'm completely torn by this one, I adore the colour but application wasn't relaxing! I will wear this colour again, more than likely when I forget what it's like to apply, haha!

I also have Spring Ball in the Addict Gloss range which I will show shortly.

Dior Addict Gloss Diablotine 643...Nailed It!

Love Lola xx

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