Sunday, 21 April 2013

SpaRitual Emerald City & Positive Vibe Swatch

Good evening all, hope your weekend is as relaxing as mine :o)

I thought I would share with you a polish that I feel is really underrated and almost unknown, to me it should be known by all far and wide!

SpaRitual are a vegan friendly polish, free from DBP, Toulene, Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde Resin. It has a patented handle on all polishes which are fantastic, they are none slip and perfect grip length, I'm not sure about you but I don't paint well with small handles, I need something to hold. It has a slightly shorter brush than some brands, but I find my application is better with this than many others. 

Now for the colour mix, Emerald City is from SpaRituals Cool Contraltos Collection. Emerald is a huge colours that will be in throughout the spring and I expect the summer seasons, it's just too good not to last. Emerald City has a jelly type formula and will take about 4 coats, 3 if you apply it thickly. All these are with a top coat of my old reliable, Seche Vite, lots of bad stuff in it yes, but totally unbeatable in performance. I never recommend not using a top coat but these have a natural shine to them without.

Emerald City, Natural Light. In the light the Emerald really comes into it's own, it's an easily worn colour with a warmth to is.

Emerald City, Slight Shade 

SpaRitual Positive Vibe is from the Reflect Collection and is a mustard yellow creme polish. This colour I kind of didn't like all the much when I brought it, but once on (and I have worn it on its own on all nails) it looks stunning, I literally couldn't stop looking at them. The colour is underestimated and elegant, and I quite like it as a feature colour. This colour I feel would suit a vintage look really well for all you vintage fans, but if your like me and tend to wear too much black then it's perfect.

Positive Vibe, Natural Light.

The smell of SpaRitual is not offensive and it lasts me a week or more without chipping, but the average nail it should do 4-5 days easy, but will ware if you don't seal it up properly. 
What I mean about sealing it up is, going over the free edge and under the nail, this prevents and for me totally stops chipping! I then give my nails another coat of top coat 3 days later to seal it all in again and freshen that top layer which can be come scratched. By doing this I can get a fabulous 2 weeks from my varnish, but then I do nothing with my nails. I do not use them to open anything or scratch anything off. When I wash up I use gloves, the nails will become soft in the water and will encourage them to brake and peel, if you are prone to peeling like I am, definitely use gloves.

My overall opinion, I love these shades and I especially love them together. SpaRitual, for me, are way ahead of the game and many polishes are sometimes not quite right with their timing. The launch of Reflect although maybe a little on the darker side for some I think will do well, they have some real gems in the collection. I can't wait to purchase my next one, all I have to do now is choose! Suggestions welcome :o)

SpaRitual Emerald City & Positive Vibe....Nailed It!

Love Lola xx

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